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Thousands of investors at your fingertips in seconds

Investor Radar provides a cutting edge platform with more than 180,000+ contacts in the finance space. Search VCs, PE funds, accelerators, and more.


Search through 180,000+ Contacts

Use Instant Search capabilites to find your perfect investor. Filter by location, fund size, industry, and more.

Contact through Email, Phone, or Social Media

Find LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages alongside verified emails and phone numbers.

Save and Export to your favorite CRM

With thousands of suitable investors at your fingertips, save your favorites and export them to your favorite CRM.

Search through thousands of investors in seconds with a dynamic Instant Search

Our platform allows you to find the perfect investor within seconds. With Instant Search capability, the best investors in your industry, country, or city are available at the click of a button.

Save and Export to your favorite softwares

Save your investors to lists, and when you are ready export it to email delivery softwares like Mailchimp, or to your CRM like Salesforce.


Get Your Startup Access to the Best Investors Globally

Affordably access data to help land your next round, Investor Radar guarantees ability to upgrade and cancel subscriptions at any time


Best option for personal use & for your next project.

  • Access to database of 92,000+ Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Investment firms
  • Access to database of 90,000+ Finance LinkedIn Leads
  • Access to Unlimited Searches and Dynamic Filters
  • Access to Email Addresses and Websites
  • Create 1 List of Investment Firms up to 250 contacts
  • Export Limit of 500 Contacts per Month
  • Create 1 list of Investors up to 250 contacts
  • Export List to CSV
  • Ability to Bulk Select Investors
  • Access to Phone Numbers, LinkedIns, Twitters, Facebook Pages, and Instagram Pages
  • Ability to view more than 25 contacts at once
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Relevant for multiple users, extended & premium support.

  • Everything in Starter Plan
  • Access to Phone Numbers
  • Access to Email Addresses
  • Export Limit of 1500 Contacts per Month
  • Create 3 lists of Investment Firms up to 250 contacts
  • Create 3 lists of Investors up to 250 contacts
  • Access to social media links, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages
  • Ability to bulk select up to 50 Investors
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Best for large scale uses and extended redistribution rights.

  • Everything in Premium Plan
  • Create 10 lists of Investment Firms up to 1000 Contacts
  • Create 10 lists of Investors up to 1000 Contacts
  • Ability to bulk select up to 100 Investors
  • Export Limit of 5000 Contacts per Month
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How did you compile 90,000+ Investors?

Through a mix of primary and secondary research, we identified thousands of investors from every edge of the globe. We then verified and validated the data.

How should I contact potential Investors?

We recommend using the data we provide to reach out to investors via email, LinkedIn, or Twitter. We also provide a list of investors' websites, which can be used to find mutual connections.

Can I download the data?

All of our paid plans give the option of creating lists and exporting them as a CSV file. From there you can import the data into your CRM or email marketing tool.

What kinds of Investors do you have?

Our database includes a wide range of investors, including angel investors, venture capital firms, private equity firms, family offices, and more.

Why can't I see Emails or Phone Numbers?

On our free or starter plans data is viewable but limited. You can always upgrade to get access, but if emails are still missing it may be because the investor doesn't have an email on record due to privacy concerns.

What is a Investor List?

An investor list is a collection of investors that you can save and export as a CSV file. You are limited on how many you can make but you can add or remove investors from a list at any time.

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